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Yamaha Digital Piano P-95

The Yamaha p-95 b is a practical digital piano that renders an 88-key keyboard, it extends a digital sound board with an automatic shut-off system, so you can be sure you're always having the latest and greatest music performance. It imparts an automatically-on-demand software update system, so you can be sure you have the latest and greatest software features.

Stand - Black - P-85 / P-95 / P-35 / P-45 / P-105 - Fast Ship!

Yamaha L85 Piano Stand -

By Yamaha


Keyboard: P-45 P-95b P-95s

12V2A Power Supply/AC Adapter -

By Silverline Audio


Cover For Yamaha P115 / P105 / P95 Yamaha P115/p105 Black ...

P115 Digital Piano Cover for



Cover For Yamaha P125 / P115 / P105 / P85 / P95 / P35 / P4...

E125 Digital Piano Cover for



Electric Parts Only
Ac-dc Switching Adapter Charger




Yamaha P95 Digital Piano

The Yamaha p-95 digital piano is a very versatile piano available in both a stand and phone mode, this model is equipped with a digital sound engine and an advanced digital sound processing system. The phone mode allows you to control all of the sounds and effects with your hands free time, the digital sound processing system preserves the sound quality even when you're moving the piano around. The Yamaha p95 b digital piano is a top-notch alternative for someone searching for a new or used digital piano, this model extends a bench with four benches, a stand with two tiers, and a cd player. It also includes a virtual keyboard with 8 keys, the Yamaha p-95 b digital piano offers been designed for beginners and those just starting to learn classical and popular songwriting. The piano extends an unique split keyboard design that makes it easier for performers to control, and includes an 95-entry private key store which makes creating your own music easy, the p-95 b also includes a powerful new sound plus engine that makes it effortless to create beautiful sound quality. With its intuitive controls and powerful sound, the Yamaha p-95 b is a top-of-the-line digital piano for your next lesson, the Yamaha p95 is a digital piano that renders a jude design. It is a sunk cost piano that is fabricated with black leather and woodwind%); electric piano; pliability; and an electric guitar, it is a first-rate choice for pro music or personal use. The stand is moreover an electric piano and can be used for personal music or in the home, the piano provides a price range from $75 to $129.