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Mini Digital Piano

Our mini digital piano is the perfect tool for children who love to play music. It has 37 keys and is perfect for children who are just learning music. The keyboard has a microphone and keyboard so that children can hear themselves play music. This music keyboard is the perfect tool for children's repertoires.

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The yamaha pss-80 portasound 32 mini key keyboard is a great choice for those looking for a digital piano that can produce portasaults and other sounds with out needing a separate sound card. It includes a 32-key map that allows you to create your own sounds with, up to 128 transferring of sounds to a new key keyboard for expressivity and also aboost feature to keep you shredded on the go. the suzuki mdg-330 mini grand digital piano is a great choice for those looking for a digital piano that is easy to use and best of all, is still features an acoustic sound. This piano has a v-drums system that can be easily hired to help you create music, as well as a touch screen that gives you control over all the sounds and settings of the piano. this mini clip on digital metronome beat tempo metronome for piano is perfect for learning tempo and metronome skills! It comes with a digital beattempo metronome and a mini controller for easy control. The beattempo metronome can be used for time alone or in combination with the clap and clavera styles of music. The digital piano sound is rich and clappy, making it perfect for orchestra and band performance. this mini digital piano is perfect for acoustic or electric pianos. It has a 61 key electronic keyboard with a mic w scissor mic boom arm. The keyboard has easy access to all the triggers and effects. Additionally, it has a comfortable armature design and easy-to-use scissor mic.